Tekhné is a word of Greek origin (τέχνη) that is linked to a variety of technical concepts having an important significance that can be understood as art, the art of know how, of knowing how to make application, of knowing how to do things.

Company Profile

The management is young, proactive and enthusiastic, blending functional pragmatism with creative, dynamic design.

Tekhne was established in Cormòns (Gorizia) in 1994. The company's identity is rooted in the design culture, and thanks to the professionalism built up over the past years of activity and presence on the international market, Tekhne has specialised in interior design and contract furniture. The collections of chairs, armchairs and tables are the foundation from which Tekhne reaches highly personalised furniture solutions, designed to suit the client's needs. Indeed, the ability to adapt the shapes, materials and dimensions of products to the spaces to be furnished has always been one of Tekhne's distinguishing features.

The management is young, proactive and enthusiastic, blending functional pragmatism with creative, dynamic design.


It is the meaning of TEKHNE that represents us best, expressing our professionalism born from the culture of design. Hence we have chosen to employ our art in the service of the common good in order to produce seating systems and integrated furnishing solutions with a rational, contemporary design that enable spaces to be enjoyed to the full: spaces for working, relaxing, learning or for entertainment. Our vocation is the practical application of our art.

Consideration for space.

Tekhne furniture solutions are above all the result of the interpretation of areas. Furniture has to perform specific functions and improve the quality of life and an in-depth understanding of buildings and their intended purposes is required in order to create furniture with shapes, materials and colours that allow maximum exploitation in every specific use situation. With this approach Tekhne develops each individual design to achieve full adaptability to spaces of all the items created by its designers.

International design.

Tekhne is committed to creating products of personalities, original and innovative design, contemporary but never (only) "fashionable".

Reinterpreting trends in the industry the company challenge the market with products developed by international designers in compliance with the corporate philosophy.

Hand & taylor made.

Tekhne products are processed one at a time. Expert hands take care of quality wood, leather and fabrics, putting materials together with absolute precision. Handling them means making real the enthusiasm with which they were made and discovering unique products in terms of solidness, crafted finishes, an eye for detail and tailoring.

Italian made quality

The promotion of a country also takes place through the excellence of its small and medium producers and artisan businesses: in this case, those local businesses that have succeeded in innovating and updating their technology, establishing long-standing and lively collaboration and dialogue with our company. Tekhne has always held this kind of industriousness in high respect, both in its concept of business ethics and as regards its policies on spending. Tekhne's business logic has enabled them to appreciate the value of quality design in attaining more ambitious results, together with the distinguishing feature of our everyday operations, in complete respect of the sub-contract supply chain: designed and made in Italy.


Our mission is to realize quality seatings characterized by a contemporary design where people in the everyday living can appreciate the design respecting the spaces and the identity.


The seating, support surfaces and objects designed and manufactured by Tekhne are the result of listening to customer’s needs, of deciphering the spaces to be furnished and of the ability to adapt shapes, materials and sizes. 


Tekhne develops its business activities by committing itself to take a responsible role in the social context in which it operates. It's the shared identity and the ethics of doing business of Tekhne which imposes to operate in the respect of the people, the land, the community and the environment.



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