Caura is a cozy place where to let yourself fall and enjoy both relaxed moments, like other more ephemeral, its form embraces and protects you and its curved lines emphasize their comfort. It consists of a wooden structure that is upholstered in different colors, except for the legs.


cm 60.00 64.00 81.00 48.00 79.00
inches 23.40 24.96 31.59 18.72 30.81
kg 13.00 m3 0.30 m 1.60 m2 2.56 1
lb 28.66 yd3 0.40 yd 1.74 yd2 3.06 unit per box

Some settings:

Vicent Clausell


Clausellstudio is a studio, dedicated fundamentally to industrial design and advice on product development, covering also other related services. One of the first premises that we have to carry out a project is to achieve a high technical and aesthetic quality, thanks to an extreme formal simplicity and careful selection of materials. Passion at work, the varied influences received and customer requirements are cooked at the studio simmered to obtain an exquisite product result of a good combination of the items with a Mediterranean flavor. Vicent Clausell accumulate more than 13 years of experience in different sectors and countries, among the firms where he worked or where he has worked include companies from Germany, Japan and Spain as: Ritter Sport, Modiss, H-Concept, Carpyen, Düller, Kaldawei, M114, Imaginaierro, Untrod, Stratic Koffer, Skya, Schneider electric, Sanycces, Wagner studio, Insca Insternacional, Universitat Jaume I, Lebana, etc.



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