The meeting of two opposing curves generates the seat and the backrest of a loungechair by dynamic geometry, which suggest the form and the movement of a nut in the space. Dada started by drawing a few shaped lines  meeting in the space, resulting in strong shapes, but welcoming. A joint with studs seals the union of two padded wood shells, customizable with fabrics and colors, in order to adapt the product to different contexts. DADA 784 is a versatile accessory: the pouf, when it is joined to the lounge, trasforms Dada in a comfortable chaise lounge.

Some settings:

Luca De Bona Dario De Meo


Luca and Dario, architect and designer, meet on the road between Milan and the Italian Veneto region and begin a collaboration that draws inspiration from the trip, to produce marks and drawings that respond to the needs of the contemporary home interiors. They collaborate with prestigious furnishing, lighting and decor companies, looking after art direction, concept and product development. A research in micro and macro scale that reviews and merges different spheres: architecture, design, graphics and art, to create innovative environments and objects, but able to tell stories and stir emotions.



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