We tend to see wood as solid, robust material. Though chairs always rest on their legs, it is usually hidden as part of the chair mass, we wanted to emphasis the strength and charisma of the wood, what we didn`t want to loose was the luxury and comfort of the upholstered chair, disconnecting the backrest and the seat  allowing air to come through this Gap gave us just that, creating balance and harmony


cm 59.00 55.00 78.00 46.00 66.00
inches 23.01 21.45 30.42 17.94 25.74
kg 6.00 m3 0.35 m 0.00 m2 0.00 1
lb 13.23 yd3 0.46 yd 0.00 yd2 0.00 unit per box

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Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi founded Producks design studio in 2012. Based in Tel Aviv the studio's work is a constant search for the balance between manufacturing techniques, materials, cultural context and identity. Their work have exhibited around the world and the studio work varies from furniture to mass produced products, while doing so Yoav and Gil always keeping an open mind while experimenting on design in their workshop, which, is the heart of their design methodology.



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