Collection characterized by the large size of the sessions that are supported by the structure in beech wood lines geometrically perceptible. A series of sessions that are placed in areas of the ring road which goes well with different styles of furniture.


cm 44.00 49.00 94.00 76.00 0.00
inches 17.16 19.11 36.66 29.64 0.00
kg 7.00 m3 0.26 m 0.75 m2 1.40 1
lb 15.43 yd3 0.34 yd 0.82 yd2 1.67 unit per box

Some settings:

Claudio Perin


Born in 1957.Degree in Architecture in Venice in 1984, freelancer with experience in residential and interior.He had business cooperations with companies in the chair sector. Member of Tekhne, takes care of some collections of chairs as well as some interior design projects of Tekhne direct manufacturing.